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Southeast Wyoming Climbers Coalition is wholly invested in maintaining access for all to a sustainable climbing experience at Vedawuoo and beyond! At this point in SEWYCC's existence the two primary forms that is taking is bad bolt replacement and stewardship work. 

Bad Bolts

Through partnership with the ASCA, SEWYCC's Anchor and Hardware Replacement Program seeks to replace pre-existing hardware (including bolts and hangers used for lead protection and top anchors) that have deteriorated beyond safe-use standards. Our goal is to replace anchors in a “one-for-one” manner, wherein the deteriorated hardware is replaced using the same hole with high grade stainless steel equipment. In situations where one-for-one replacement is not possible, a new bolt is placed in a manner that preserves the original character of the route and provides protection for the climber. The program supports the placement of top anchors in situations where resource damage is likely to occur. The program does not add additional lead climbing protection to existing climbs nor does it pioneer new routes.


Know of a bad bolt/anchor in need of replacing in the Vedauwoo area? Let us know here! Want to get involved with these efforts? Join us for a meeting!

a rusted climbing bolt
a group of volunteers at a crag clean up

Stewardship Projects

It is important that we all work together to minimize climbers' impacts on the landscape since it is a shared, limited resource. We see stewardship projects as a hands-on way to do this work. In Fall 2021, in collaboration with Common Outdoor Ground, SEWYCC hosted our first crag clean-up in which over 50 volunteers picked up hundreds of pounds at Vedawuoo. We hope to host more events soon. Have an idea for a stewardship project? Join us for a meeting! 

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